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Agustín Nazzetta is an Argentine musician born in 1990. He is a classical and electric guitarist and performer of contemporary music. Nazzetta studied at various institutions, including the Universidad Nacional de Artes in Buenos Aires, where he obtained his Bachelor's degree in guitar performance with Summa cum laude distinction, and the Musik Akademie Basel, where he earned his Master's degree in Musical Performance and a Master's in Music Education.

Throughout his career, Nazzetta has won several awards for his guitar playing, including first prizes at the Incontri Chitarristi di Gargnano in Italy, the Guitar Festival Rust in Austria, and the Savarez-Corelli Guitar Chamber Music and Harp Chamber Music Competition in Salzburg. He has also won numerous second and third prizes at international guitar competitions held in Paris, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, among others.

Nazzetta is an active member of various ensembles and has collaborated with numerous composers. He is a member of the trombone and electric guitar duo Supernovæ, the acoustic and electric guitar quartet HOAX Quartet, and the contemporary music guitar duo guitARS_Lab. He has also worked with the Nuntempe Ensemble, Wonderland, and the contemporary music ensemble DAMuS-UNA.

Nazzetta's current and future projects include the INNER project, where composers are writing works for solo acoustic guitar with contact microphones and electronics, as well as performances with his ensembles.

Nazzetta has recorded several classical and contemporary works, including Luciano Berio's Sequenza XI, Helmut Lachenmann's Salut für Caudwell, and Mario Davidovsky's Synchronisms #10 for guitar and electronics, as well as works for electric guitar by Santiago Quintans, Santiago Diez-Fischer, and Tobias Krebs.

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) Historia del tango | Lisa Rieder (Geige), Agustín Nazzetta (Gitarre)
John Dowland, Preludium, A fancy (P73) | Agustín Nazzetta
Helmut Lachenmann - Salut für Caudwell
SUPERNOVÆ | SYNTHETIC - NATURAL | Unerhörte Musik 26.09.2023
Supernovæ plays Brushes (2014) by Santiago Quintans
GREATER UNITY (2022), Demetre Gamsachurdia - HOAX Quartet
Synthetic yellow trip (2019) - Santiago Diez-Fischer / Supernovæ
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