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Exploring the complexities of ethical and moral choices in a world of contrasts and contradictions through music



Georg Friedrich Haas: Quartett (2007)

Demetre Gamsachurdia: GREATER UNITY (UA, 2022)

Tobias Krebs: GRAT (2020)

Our lives are full of contrasts and contradictions - as individuals and as a society. From everyday decisions to the big questions of life, we have to make choices all the time. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this particularly clear in terms of ethical and moral issues, presenting us with challenges that are not commonplace in our affluent society. With our artistic project "RIFT" we would like to deal with this topic in a concrete and abstract way. We do not want to represent a political opinion or make propaganda, but rather to make the audience think and to create awareness of how important it is to move towards each other and to have an open and respectful dialogue. For this project we commissioned the Swiss composer Demetre Gamsachurdia to write a work for four electric guitars, and he wrote his piece "GREATER UNITY" on the theme of "RIFT", which was premiered by the HOAX Quartet in 2022.

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