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Acoustic guitar music and multimedia inspired by the feedback concept





Lara Stanic: Circuits, for 4 acoustic guitars and electronic (2023/24, WP)

Teresa Carrasco: Correspondencias, for 4 acoustic guitars and electronic (2023/24, WP)

Andrés Nuño de Buen: Leve, for 4 acoustic guitars and tuning forks (2019)

HOAX Quartet: Intermezzi, for electric guitars (2024, WP)

The HOAX Quartet's new project is dedicated to acoustic feedback, and will be presented in five concerts across two language regions in Switzerland: Basel, Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, and Fribourg. The curated concert program includes two commissioned compositions by renowned composers exploring this topic, providing a fascinating starting point that is not only musically important but also socially significant. The themes addressed in the program include the importance of intact ecosystems, the interaction between humans and technology, the nature of closed systems, and breaking out of them.

The concert program incorporates both acoustic and electric guitars, speakers, and microphones in various functions, bridging the interface between analog and electronic sounds. Through this artistic exploration of feedback, the HOAX Quartet aims to engage their audience and provoke thought and emotion in a contemporary and immediate way. The program is designed to appeal to a broad audience from different art scenes, with the goal of opening eyes and ears to the power of music to inspire change.

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